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Flinders Street Station [ projects ]
The joint proposal suggests an open, porous design, and emphasizes the urban connections and view lines. The design enables a visitor to appreciate the subtle interaction between contemporary design and historical value. The newly designed additions re-contextualise the landmark, and mend some of the obvious oversights that limited the optimal use of this major hub in Melbourne.
By restoring access to the river Elenberg Fraser and Elastik create an attractive, public space, which invites leisurely use. Towards the west a stop for the waterbus system is envisioned, enabling tourists to experience Melbourne from the central hub that is Flinders Street Station. An exciting, high ceilinged bar and restaurant is cantilevered over the extreme west end of the station offering compelling sights of the river and the continuous stream of trains entering and leaving the station. Directly connected to this new hotspot, the combined farmers market and food court allows people to enjoy local produce prepared in many inspired ways. This part of the station combines shopping for food with sitting down and enjoying food. The practical blend of transport needs with commercial leisure re-frames the Station from a front door to the city into one of its most inviting living rooms.
For ease of circulation and clarity of use an elaborate system of concourses is introduced that carefully blend pedestrian traffic on separate, yet connected, levels. The ribbed roof functions as an intuitive way finding device. The concourse is publically accessible throughout the station, with and without a train ticket, bringing the city’s streets into the station.
Ticketing zones are to be located at the central access platforms. Large amounts of additional commercial space, partly created by simply pulling back the ticketing area, help fund the renovation of the station. Similarly, the photovoltaic cells incorporated in the roofing system generate an estimated 50% of the energy demand of the station.
Both Elenberg Fraser and Elastik are proud of the fruits of their cooperation and are actively pursuing possibilities for further joint efforts.


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